Last Saturday I ventured out to Bundoora (Zone 2, whoa!) to explore the abandoned Larundel Mental Asylum and take some photos. 

I went on my own. It didn’t occur to me to think anything of it at the time. I do a lot of things on my own, particularly taking photos. 

It wasn’t until I was telling people later what I’d done that I really thought about it, and how maybe there was more significance to my actions. 

I’ve always been a pretty independent, self-sufficient person. Even as a kid. And that sense of self-reliance is important to me, and how I view myself. So being in hospital last year was really hard. I felt stripped of all my autonomy. Diminished. I felt like I was losing part of myself. 

And I recognise now that doing things like this - venturing alone into creepy abandoned buildings - is an attempt to reassert myself. 

I know that scaring the shit out of myself and putting myself in potentially dangerous situations is probably not the smartest way to regain my sense of self. 

But it makes sense to me.